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your dram, your moment

Jul 11, 2019

Whether you’re starting out on your whisky journey or you’ve been nosing the amber nectar and building your collection for many years, you’ll no doubt have your go-to dram in your selection (or wish list!) of different drams for life’s various occasions.

Part of the enjoyment of your whisky adventure will be in discerning what might be an ‘every day’ dram and finding out more about what whisky will perfectly complement moments in your life where something a bit more special is required, whether it’s for a celebration, a solitary moment of peace and quiet outdoors, a BBQ or a night in with some friends. 

We’ve put together a guide to special moments and the ideal drams to accompany them.

Mid-week dram
Getting to almost Thursday can at times feel like a Herculean achievement and while it’s not particularly a cause for celebration (although it might be!), a dram of 12 Year Old is the ideal mid-week treat – smooth, light, easy-to-drink with floral, honey and citrus notes.

Friday dram
A Friday dram with great friends - life doesn't get any better so reach for a dram of something special to celebrate the start of the weekend.  We’d recommend anCnoc 18 Years Old – mind ground spices, pear drops, candied orange peel and sharp toffee sweetness underpinned by just a hint of old leather. The finish is long and intense.

Summer nights
When the sun’s shining, friends are round, music’s filling the air and the smell of the grill wafts from the BBQ, you’ll find that bottle of Peatheart will complement the vibe, taste and sounds perfectly with its smooth, warm, lingering smokiness.  Perfect for these last evenings in the sunshine (and late-night campfire with marshmallows of course).

Night in with friends
Often the true joy of a dram is in sharing that with friends.  Good company, food and a bottle of Black Hill Reserve - full bodied and bursting with rich flavour, it brings to mind ground spices, pear drops, candied orange peel and sharp toffee sweetness underpinned by just a hint of old leather. The finish is long and intense. A perfect accompaniement to reminisce on those journeys you’ve taken together.

That big occasion
Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary or another one of life’s many celebrations that require something exquisite and extraordinary to toast success, future happiness or good times, you’ll want something very memorable in your glass to mark the occasion.  Every drop of anCnoc 24 Years Old has been carefully crafted in its Highland home and offers something rich and remarkable, sweet and spicy, cosy and crisp – a symphony of maturity.

Chocolate and a dram
These are two of our favourite things!  Whisky and chocolate pair beautifully together – it makes sense.  They are both produced using the simplest of ingredients and when combined, can produce a taste-bomb experience. Choose anCnoc Vintage 2002, aromas of vanilla, toffee and orange zest with notes of chocolate – the perfect companion to these squares of your favourite dark chocolate.  To enjoy the process, taste the whisky first, move the spirit around your palate and after a few sips you should be able to identify the characteristics in the 2002 that make it so special.

Of course, you don’t need an occasion to enjoy a dram.  Sometimes life is about creating a special moment, just 'because'... No reason required.  A quiet time to reflect, ponder and appreciate time, space and the flow of thoughts. 

Get to know all of our expressions here – we’re sure you'll find your perfect whisky match for any moment.