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journeys and adventures

Jun 21, 2019

Summer has finally arrived and we can’t tell you how happy we are about that.  We see summer as a small window in the year when it feels like anything’s possible – dreams, plans, travel - the start of journeys and adventures. 

You might have joined us on your whisky journey some time ago, or you might have just started to explore the world of whisky; refining your tastes and developing a more knowledgeable appreciation for the amber nectar.  It can feel like a complex subject to master, even a bit of an intimidating journey to begin with.

Whisky is a personal experience, as far as we’re concerned.  There’s no right or wrong.  There’s only what you like and enjoy. So, we’re never going to tell you how to drink your whisky!  But, having a good foundation of the basics of whisky is no bad thing, and once you’ve got your head around that, the rest of your whisky journey will be all about tasting and maybe a bit of travelling (there’s nothing like the smell and sights of a distillery to whet your appetite for more knowledge and of course, tasting a dram or two at the end).  You could even pay a visit to our distillery for behind the scenes access to Knockhdhu.

Since summer is the start of many journeys and adventures, this month we’ve brought the very first few stages of that journey together to get your whisky journey off to a great start.  Whatever your plans are for Summer 2019, we’re raising a dram of anCnoc to you and wishing you wonderful adventures, whatever your journey.

Your whisky journey – a beginner’s guide

What’s the whisky for me?
If you’re just starting your whisky journey, one place to start is by finding a good bar with a wide selection of malt whiskies and a bartender with a host of knowledge.  Choose three different types of whisky – anCnoc 12 Years Old is well known as an ideal ‘starter’ whisky (whilst also lauded by experts as a must have in any collection) as it’s light, fresh, fruity and smooth – you might also want to try a more sherried-style of dram and a peatier one to help you narrow down the type of characteristics that appeal to you.  Remember, it’s a journey to be savoured and enjoyed so don’t feel you need to narrow things down too soon.  Just enjoy the taste journey of each dram you experience.

How should I drink my whisky?
Straight up?  Splash of water?  On the rocks? Whisky is to be savoured and enjoyed, so we’re not about to tell you how you should enjoy yours – it’s personal, however we will offer up a couple of suggestions on how to experience the best of your dram.  The glass is important, and there’s an age old debate around this so select what you prefer. Our favourite glass for tasting is the tulip shaped glass which allows you to swirl the whisky around the glass, getting air to the whisky and releasing the different aromas.

Many whisky drinkers and experts say that adding a touch of water to your whisky will open it up and bring out these hidden flavours and characteristics.  As for ice?  Many will say that adding ice to a single malt scotch will dull and dilute the flavours of your dram, rather than bringing it to life and it’s a ‘no no’, however it’s your dram, your experience and trying straight, with water, and on the rocks is part of your journey.

My anCnoc?
anCnoc 12 Years Old is an ideal starter whisky, but where do you go from there? Well, it depends whether you’re keen on a light and floral whisky, or something a bit more fruity and spicy, you might be drawn to a rich and rounded dram or you may be headed more in the full bodied and smoky direction!  Whatever you’re fancy we have a dram to suit you, discover our full collection here.

The production methods we use have barely changed in over 100 years; it’s what gives our whisky its distinctive flavour and characteristics.  Find out more about our distillery, our craft and get to know each of our whiskies a little better.

Enjoy the beginnings of your whisky journey!