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they said: light on dark

Dec 12, 2017

Not too long ago, we launched our first on-going peaty expression, Peatheart. One of our smokiest whiskies to date, named after an area throughout the Scottish uplands.

Tube Peatheart Dram


We decided to get a few of our friends and fans together on Twitter and host an online tasting and ask them to shine a light on their dark side #LightOnDark. Our tasting featured 12 Years Old and Peatheart, two of our core expressions and also included a marshmallow toasting kit by our partner The Marshmallowist to finish off the evening relaxing by their indoor campfire.

And now we’d love to share some of the comments that we had, as there’s nothing better than letting our friends and fans do the talking.

12 Peatheart Drams

First up, let’s look at anCnoc 12 Years Old.

“Light yet complex. That nails the @anCnoc_whisky 12 Years, a classic in my book #whisky #LightOnDark” - WhiskyNotes (Ruben)‏ @WhiskyNotes

“anCnoc 12 is truly a great dram and a perfect introduction to anCnoc as well as single malts in general. #LightOnDark” - WHISKYTOWER‏ @whiskytower_se

“#LightOnDark love the illustrations with anCnoc 12yo honeybees and barley sums it up nicely” - The Whiskyphiles‏ @TheWhiskyphiles

“#LightOnDark on the nose some apple sauce, malt, raisin bread and canned fruit syrup for me....” - Ansgar Speller‏ @ansgarspeller

“@anCnoc_whisky #LightOnDark 12yo N - it’s got some fruit bomb stuff going on with fresh apple, apricot and some mushy summer citrus. Lashings of funny honey and a springtime bouquet of flowers.” - Jon - scotchandscifi‏ @dvdbloke


“@anCnoc_whisky #LightOnDark 12yo P - clean and fresh. The palate delivers what the nose senses. And more. Some crystallised ginger and orange flesh. Danish pastries with icing sugar. Yummy. One of my go to whiskies. Reliable and consistent.” - Jon - scotchandscifi‏ @dvdbloke

“On the palate I always find green banana and a faint beer-like note (Belgian triple). Light spices, just a hint of mocha in the end. Very fresh. #LightOnDark” - WhiskyNotes (Ruben)‏ @WhiskyNotes

“#LightOnDark palate. A little more spice wraps itself round the sweetness. Lots of pear, apple pie and cinnamon with honey drizzled over, lemon meringue and caramel.” - Sorren Krebs‏ @ocdwhisky

“This 12yo is just wonderful. A blast of fresh fruit. Vanilla, icing sugar, a touch of honey. Can we do this tweet tasting every week? #LightOnDark” - emma briones‏ @whiskyemms

“#LightOnDark 12yo P: Sweet & Floral blossom honey vanilla cream, apple sauce, custard cream biscuits and crème brulee all with a generous squeeze of fresh zesty lemon juice. makes me think of pancakes!” - The Whiskyphiles‏ @TheWhiskyphiles



“#LightOnDark the nose of the Peatheart offers me great flavours of heather and earthy notes....” - Ansgar Speller‏ @ansgarspeller

“#LightOnDark Peatheart Nose - Clear peat, yet obvious pear and caramel...” - MartinsMalts‏ @MartinAhlquist

“#LightOnDark anCnoc Peatheart N: Earthy and herbal with a good hint of smoke, like oak & juniper smoked, malty, biscuit, shortbread, savoury oatcakes with butter, vanilla ice cream drizzled with honey” - The Whiskyphiles‏ @TheWhiskyphiles

“#LightOnDark a lovely fruity peat rather than medicinal.. for 40ppm it is still very well balanced between smoke and fruit..” - Sorren Krebs‏ @ocdwhisky

“@anCnoc_whisky peatheart N - smouldering heather fire right there. Very sweet peat. There’s some fresh citrus in the background hidden away. And a burning Cinnabon.” #LightOnDark - Jon - scotchandscifi‏ @dvdbloke


“Christmas comes early! Getting chocolate on the palate as well as vanilla contrasted to a candied lemon peel bringing a slight zestiness on the tastebuds #LightOnDark - SLOAN!‏” @sloanloves

“#LightOnDark @anCnoc_whisky even at 40 ppm this Peatheart is perfectly sippable...” - The Whiskyphiles‏ @TheWhiskyphiles

“#LightOnDark @anCnoc_whisky Peatheart Palate : it starts similar to the 12yo - oily, buttery even, then the spice hits you - makes your tongue curl! Then there is a slap in the face from the peat smoke - this is wonderful stuff!” - Brian's Malt Musings‏ @MaltMusings

“#LightOnDark Peatheart P: Zesty and malty, lemon pith with sugar and white pepper, moves into oak and peat smoked oatcakes, chilli & golden syrup flapjacks, chocolate and tobacco leaf, heather & gorse (coconut) brush fire... yum!” - The Whiskyphiles‏ @TheWhiskyphiles

“The citrus notes really comes through on the second sip don't they @anCnoc_whisky Peatheart #LightOnDark” - Fashionista Barbie‏ @FashionNBarbie

“#LightOnDark Peatheart palate shows me the fruity notes from the nose again clearly but now added layers of dark forrest fruits, cherries, vanilla pudding, chocolate and toffee...” - Ansgar Speller‏ @ansgarspeller

“@anCnoc_whisky Peatheart N - after a while the fruitiness takes more of a front step. A touch of pineapple amongst the embers. #LightOnDark” - Jon - scotchandscifi‏ @dvdbloke

“#LightOnDark it’s like licking the inside of a charred barrel then eating fresh fruit salad with pear and apple and natural fruit syrup.. Drying with a lingering smoke and soft spices..” - Sorren Krebs‏ @ocdwhisky

“anCnoc Peatheart starts discreetly to blow you mind with its earthy and smoky side. It's still classic anCnoc: sweet and fruity, complex. And that lingering finish #LightOnDark” - emma briones‏ @whiskyemms

“@anCnoc_whisky with water some of the smoke is extinguished in favour of the fruit, a delicious exhale of fruity smoke goodness on the finish. Really enjoying it. Well done! #LightOnDark” - Jon - scotchandscifi‏ @dvdbloke

“#LightOnDark A nice lengthy finish too on this @anCnoc_whisky Peatheart. Sweet cherries and a hint of the fresh ginger spiciness, getting along with the smoke.” - Thomas Speller‏ @thomas_speller

Thanks to all who took part on the night, if we’ve whet your appetite and you’d like to discover more tasting notes from our participants log on to Twitter, search #LightOnDark, click latest and scroll to November 23rd to view the tasting.

For our official tasting notes visit here, anCnoc Peatheart.