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anCnoc Vintage 2001 vs. anCnoc 24

Apr 21, 2016

Nothing helps understand a whisky than comparing it to another. So let us share with you a comparison of the newly launched, anCnoc Vintage 2001 and, anCnoc 24 Years Old. Both with an abv of 46% and non-chill filtered, yet distinctly different in age and maturation profile.

On the nose Vintage 2001 reveals anCnoc’s unmistakable distillery style with hints of honey and bursts of lemon, whilst also bringing a welcoming touch of spice. Much like the Vintage expression the core characteristics of anCnoc are also evident in the 24 Years Old, however with greater age and maturation in both Spanish ex-sherry and American ex-bourbon casks, the 24 Years Old also offers a densely sweet aroma, married with the cosy embrace of Christmas cake and soaked raisins.

When it comes to taste, we hope you’ll agree that neither expression disappoints. Vintage 2001 exudes creamy vanilla with a finish that drifts off slowly with zesty freshness. Whereas the more complex fuller style of our 24 Years Old fills the mouth with a symphony of maturity – candied orange slices, warm honey, and worn leather leading to a long rewarding spicy finish.

Tasting these expressions side-by-side lead us to one conclusion, when it comes to picking a side let the drinking occasion define your choice. Vintage 2001 is most certainly a dialled up version of our 12 Years Old – perfect for an early evening dram, at the start of a meal or even to take outside under the summer sun. anCnoc 24 Years Old, on the other hand is quite simply a sherry-bomb! Bold, full flavours that make for the perfect rich after dinner dram.

What’s your thoughts? – Share your tasting notes with us on Twitter by tagging @anCnoc_whisky.  

Ancnoc Vintage 2001 Ancnoc 24 Year Old