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whisky and chocolate inspired Easter

Mar 23, 2016

This year we’re taking an Easter tradition and giving it an anCnoc twist!  

W Choc 1LO

We’ve created five whisky and chocolate pairings with the help of our Swedish brand ambassador’s Tommy Isaksson and Martin Tjäder - a little inspiration for a decadent ‘adults only’ Easter treat.

First off, let’s consider anCnoc 12 Years Old - light and complex, sweet to start with an appetising fruitiness and a long smooth finish. This whisky really does have something for everyone and these simple chocolate pairings make for a great way to enjoy your next dram.

  1. Marabou Premium cocoa salty liquorice. This combination of whisky and fine chocolate is truly outstanding, a must for an indulgent Easter treat. Paired with the fruitiness and vanilla notes in anCnoc 12YO the salty element in the chocolate is brought forward. Tommy commented that the liquorice also brings “an extra dimension of brilliance” to the Scotch, sounds rather irresistible don’t you think?
  2. Marabou Premium orange, is next up. After eating a square of chocolate follow with a small sip of whisky to bring out the zesty orange in this luxurious chocolate. Martin enthusiastically suggested that this whisky and chocolate pairing “explodes in a firework of flavour!”.
  3. Our final anCnoc 12YO pairing is with Anthon Berg salmiak. Pairing a dram with salmiak is common in Sweden, but if you’ve not already tried anCnoc 12YO and salmiak then Easter could just be your perfect excuse. This paring brings out the vanilla and citrus notes in the Scotch, “a real fruit bomb” Tommy commented, and we couldn’t agree more!

Our recently launched anCnoc 18 Years Old is another expression from our range that also works exceptionally well when paired with chocolate. The 18YO is full-bodied and bold, with a finish that transforms from peppery and hot, to deliciously sweet and smooth.

  1. Pair with Marabou Premium Raspberry, the combination of citrus notes in the whisky with this delicious and bitter raspberry chocolate brings out the best in both whisky and chocolate - an absolute must try for any fan of our 18YO Scotch and fine chocolate!
  2. Last, but by no means least. 18YO anCnoc, paired with Marabou Premium Sea Salt Pecan. Salty pecan chocolate lingers around sherry-cask notes in the whisky, a beautiful combination.

Here’s to a Happy Easter, may it be filled with stunning whiskies and beautiful chocolate.

Let us know your thoughts and your must try whisky and chocolate combinations using #anCnocEaster.