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the great winter anCnoc quiz

Jan 9, 2015

As the snow flies and winter wind howls there’s little that can beat being sheltered indoors with a dram in hand. So if like us you’re looking forward to a winter evening tipple, why not follow our quick quiz to help you select your dram this evening…

Try to answer these five questions and then see answers at the bottom of the page.

Q1: Where is anCnoc made?

a. Kilrush Distillery

b. Knockdhu Distillery

c. anCnoc Distillery

d. Huntly Distillery


Q2: Who established our distillery?

a. John Morrison

b. Robert Cummings

c. Rev. George Langham

d. Walter MacLeod


Q3: Why do we mash malted barley?

a. To amplify anCnoc's signature citrus and honey flavour

b. To remove undesirable compounds, such as methanol and sulphur

c. To convert starches into fermentable sugars

d. To protect wort from bacterial infections


Q4: Which of these compounds may be responsible for fruity characteristics in spirit?

a. phenols

b. fructose

c. esters

d. lignin


Q5: What does anCnoc mean in Gaelic?

a. the hill

b. the stream

c. the source

d. the origin


Q6: What's anCnoc's most recent Vintage release?

a. 1998

b. 1999

c. 2000

d. 1975



1b, 2a, 3c, 4c, 5a, 6d


0-2 – Looks like you need to brush up on your anCnoc facts so why not start with a dram of our 12 Year Old and uncover its signature honey and citrus character.

3-4 – Well done, you know your anCnoc from your... something else. Pour a dram of “Rutter” or our more recently released “Cutter” tonight and revel in the Peaty goodness.

4-5 – Consider yourself a serious anCnoc enthusiast. The kind that needs to be seen with a dram of our 18 Years Old every now and then.

6 – The 35 Year Old is calling.

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